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The Crying of Lot 49: Great read, but a little dated

Introduction I read Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 for two reasons. David Foster Wallace, one of my favourite authors, listed Thomas Pynchon as an influence. And, one of my best friends recommended this book specifically as a kind … Continue reading

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Curious listening while meandering down Pokemon Diamond‘s Victory Road

  To borrow a phrase from Greg Proops: “Holy Cats!” The encounter rate and my own Pokemon’s fairly even levels are really working against me as I stumble through Victory Road. Listening to interviews with David Foster Wallace (like this … Continue reading

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Throwaway characters

As I get further into River of Stars, I’m reminded of Infinite Jest. The plots of the two books are wildly different, their settings strike up a stark contrast, and the authors’ writing styles are definitely at odds with one … Continue reading

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Jest ended

What can you say about something that you’ve been with and have intimately learned about for five months (especially when you thought it would only be a two month affair)? David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest cannot unfortunately live up to its … Continue reading

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The ever-tightening iris wipe

What gives away the fact that Infinite Jest is winding down is its increasingly tightening focus. Aside from some brief looks into other characters, the story’s bounced back and forth between Gately and Hal for the last 50 or so … Continue reading

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100% real Jest

I was told that nothing in Infinite Jest is filler. But only on my way from page 911 to 934 have I seen this aspect of the book truly in action. Dr. Wo, Gately’s past, even the sentence-long section about … Continue reading

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Curious density

Hal has gazed into the abyss and the abyss has very clearly peered back. That is the best way to summarize his experience at the purported NA meeting he’d gone to where he’d seen the sorry state of Kevin Bain. … Continue reading

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