This is my play/reading log. After collecting books as an undergrad, graduate student, and generally curious person I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Likewise, as someone who’s collected video games that look interesting over the years, I have a lot of titles to play through.

This blog is where you can find my impressions and my experiences working through these extensive backlogs. Every now and then some new (or at least new-ish) releases will get written about, too.

Since each entry is written in a 5-10 minute free-writing session these entries may seem unfocused, but there will always be some association to the game or book that I’m writing about. The idea is to write and post pieces about the impressions I get from what I read and play.

This blog is also about paring my collection of books down to 100 titles and my collection of video games down to 50 titles. So, one way to look at this blog is that it’s chronicling my journey towards a top 100 books list an a top 50 video games list (covering books released in 2015 or before and video games for every Nintendo console up to the Wii and DS). And all the books and games that don’t make the cut, will be sold. Though I’ll hold on to books and games I receive as gifts.

But another way to look at this blog is as a study in where video games and books intersect. The first game that really got under my skin because of its story was Tales of Phantasia on the SNES. Its plot is generally your standard heroic fantasy tale, but there’re enough twists because it’s a game and from Japan that it stands out in my mind to this day.

Through playing video games and reading books and then blogging about those experiences I’m hoping to figure out how both mediums’ story-telling (or fact-relating) strengths are similar and related. My hope being to use what I figure out to infuse my fiction writing with a video game sort of flavour. After all, if a video game can tell the same story as a book but add unique elements, why can’t a book tell a video game-like story with its own variations?

Currently I’m working my way through these titles:

Video Game

  • Xenoblade Chronicles [Wii]

Click here for my full video game backlog list.


  • The Pale King (David Foster Wallace)

Click here for the books that I’ve got lined up for the future.

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  1. Popcorn says:

    Hi I saw that you do play writing well I have an idea for a reality TV show but I don’t know to with it-Any advices


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