agente federal jesus morales.


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agente federal jesus morales.

he thinks
i look like a
or a
drug trafficker.

am i a disease?
do i have
that look
in my eyes?
of despair?
of needing to be pushed back
up against the wall?

he asks me to follow him.
he’s going to have to go
through my bags.
asks, where i’m coming from?
as if he could ever know
or understand.
so i answer where
i was
before Mexico City,
in Oaxaca, in Chiapas,
before returning to Chicago.
so i explain,
and show him my passport,
and then he barely
looks through my bags
once he sees my light skinned girlfriend
and realizes i’m a U.S. citizen
because then he just lets me go
without doing anything,
but wasting my time
because of how i look.

he thinks
i look like a terrorist
or a drug trafficker
or maybe just wants
to fuck with…

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A writer who translates Beowulf (and other things), freelances, reads voraciously, and is always catching up on (mostly retro) adventure video games/J-RPGs.
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